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Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don't make compromises, don't worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned about doing good work. Protect your work and if you build a good name, eventually that name will be its own currency. Life is a like a roller coaster ride, it is never going to be perfect. It is going to have perfect moments and rough spots, but it's all worth it.
- Patti Smith

Our products


Down is naturally light and fluffy, and it is very soft and comfortable. Down clusters bring more fill power, thermal insulation and lightness. It can be used in pillows or duvets to cover or support our body.

The majority of our down is from mainland China and the other is from Taiwan. We specialize in the local Wanxi (Liu'an) White Geese with larger down clusters and higher fill power. All of our down is of great quality and widely recognized by our clients.


Feathers have a spine with filaments that radiate from that spine. Feathers can create a lot more support than down. They can be blended with more down to offer fluffiness and softness, suitable in bedding and furniture.

We provide for pre-washed and washed raw materials with the length ranging from 2cm to 8cm.

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YUBO DOWN is a down and feather processing factory in Liu’an, Anhui, China.

We have an excellent team with down and feather experts. We have more than 25 years experience in this field. We are proficient at processing operations including sorting, washing, drying and blending. We also give top priority to our quality. All products have multiple inspections in our laboratory regarding down and feather composition, species identification, cleanliness, fill power, which accord with global standards.

& SUstainability


Our down and feather are ethnically sourced from farms that aim to minimize their impact on wildfowl. All of our products are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certificated to protect the welfare of ducks and geese.


Our upgraded water recycling equipment can recaptures and reuses 85% of the water used in washing stages of our processing.

 In down and feather washing process, we use biodegradable detergents to guarantee hypo-allergenic.


    We are always here to answer your enquiries and wait for your suggestions.