Down and fetehr market

BY Evelyn ZHAO
June 18, 2022

Downs and feathers obtained from the goose or duck animals are popularly used in the various apparel and textile products such as pillows, sheets, duvet cover, etc. as they provide softness to these products. The growing trend of developing different kinds of jackets and clothing products made up of natural materials is driving the demand for sustainable down &feather-based apparel.Multi-coloured feather pieces obtained from the various animals are widely used in decorative hats, jewellery, and costumes, which thereby drive the market growth.

Increasing demand for the various down-based snowboard jackets, taping jackets, and others for protection from colo is expected to drive the market growth. Rising consumer necessities for comfortable bedding products for their daily sleeping needs is further driving the growth of the market.Additionally, growing trends of leisure and hiking activities across the global population are supporting the revenues from the feather made sleeping bags.

Moreover. rising infrastructural facilities related to the hotels and restaurant rooms across the globe is likely to fuel the demand for decorative down-bedding products. According to data presented bv the US UAE Business Organisation, as of October 2018, 116 newer hotels consisting of 32,621 number of rooms were added in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, growing necessities of the various kinds of furniture items such as sofa sets, chairs, etc. among the households anc commercial places are fuelling the demand for the feather-based seating clothing.

However, uncertain apparel &textile trade restrictions are anticipated to restrain the business expansion of the prominent companies in the international markets. Additionally, higher maintenance costs of the down & feather operating machinery are expected to hamper the business operations of the prominent companies.


The global down and feather market is segmented based on product type, source, application, and geography.

Based on the product type, the market is segmented into a down and feather. The feather segment is expected to holo a major share of the market as feather-based products are more durable over that of down. Additionally, the rising demand for decorative flasks for home decoration purposes is supporting the demand for feathers and artificial flowers across the globe.

By source, the global market is segmented into the duck, goose, and mixed. The mixed segment is expected to hold a significant share of the market as pillows made up of the combination of the downs and feathers are fluffier, and lightweight. Additionally, rising demand for the decorative duvets made up of down-feather blend is further driving the segmental growth.

By application, the global market is segmented into bedding products, apparel, and others. The bedding products segment is expected to exhibit a significant share of the market owing to the large consumer demand for the daily oedding products for their daily sleeping needs. Additionally, a wide variety of the multi-coloured down-based pillows is further driving the segmental growth.


By geography, the global down and feather market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America,and Middle East &Africa.

The largest share of the Asia Pacific region is attributed to the large production facilities of the feather and down pieces in the countries such as China and lndia, which is likely to support the expansion of the market in the region According to the data presented by the InternationaDown and Feather Association. In 2018, there are 400,000 tones of feathers generated in China. Additionaly, rising trends of wearing fashionable down-based jackets and other textile products in the region is further driving the market growth.

North America region is expected to grow at a faster rate in the global down and feather market owing to the rising import volume of the down and feather pieces in the countries such as the United States and Canada. According to the data presented by the World Bank Group. In 2018, the import voume of the anima products such as skin parts of birds, downs, and feathers reached 430,592 Kg in the United States. 

Additionally, growing trends of using various decorative items made of down and feathers are further supporting the market growth in the region.

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