By Evelyn Zhao

June 12, 2022

When we get up, we feel neck pain sometimes. We often thought it is the result of bad slepping position. However, there are lots of reasons you may have to consider. Pillows are the one clue you have to notice, such as the fillings of pillows, the softness and firmness of pillows, the pillow cover and so on. 

First of all, choose your specific type of pillow to accommodate your personal perference. For example, some people may prefer use down and feather pillow. Others may think memory foam pillows are their favorite.  Some may think polyester pillows is not too bad. Each person has their own choice. Your pillow should be support yourself. It is not too soft or too firm and you should be compatible with your whole self. 

Second, find what type of sleeper you are because each slepping postion accord with a different type of pillow so as to maintain healthy posture. The ideal pillow for you should keep your head, neck and spine all in neutral alighment, and support you in teh natural curvature of your spine. You may find out what kind of sleeper you are from the following picture: 

If you are back sleeper, medium loft and firmness pillows are suitable for you. Medium loft will help relieve stress in your neck and shoulders by supprting yout a nice, sushy buffer. If your pillows are too lofty, you head will be craned upwards. On the other side, if your pillow is not that lofty, you may nearly lying flat on your bed as it is not comfortable and healthy. Medium firmness will support your body enought to be aligned with the spine to make sure that the pillows are not flat. If your pillows are too flat, your neck and spine may be uncomfortable in the next morning. 

If you are side sleeper, fluffy and shapeable down and feather pillows are best choice for you. Down and feather pillows can support your head and neck with your spine with neutral alignment. If your pillow is too soft and loose, you head and neck will not align with your spine neturally. Also the ratio of down and feather in your pillows are important as feather are more supportive than down due to its fibres. 

If youa re stomach sleeping, to avoid the prone position altogether, it may be ideal that you sleep with soft support and compressible fill such as down and feather because they are shapeable. This can help stomach sleeper adjust their positions from time to time. In order to keepo neutral spine alignment, stomach sleepers can have a pillow with low loft, and your pillow can help you suppert the natural C curve of your spine. If your piillow is too high, your head will be craned upwards and your posture will be throwed out od whack. 


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