BY Evelyn ZHAO
May 22, 2022

Apparently, the most significant quality of feather and down pillows and duvets is durability. If you can take care of them, they can be used for more than one decade. How would you make sure that they can last more than ten years in good condition? Pillows could turn yellow to some extent becuase of night sweating or other reasons and you probably want to throw it away directly. However, it can be easily washed and keep clean. 

First of all, aviod being wet. Although sometimes it can be casued by sweats, it turns out yellow and it is washed and dried. In other cases, we should keep pillows dry. You could dry your hair completely before you go to bed and keep your hair clean. It means you must keep your hair not too oily and wet. This is an important point. Because the wet pillows may be the home for fungal to allow bacteria to thrive. 

Secondly, wash them regularly. In fact, the down and feather pillows can be washed in any size washing machine and they come out perfectly as new, unlike synthetic pillows. Natural fibers are unlikely to deform. This is the powerful strength of down and feather fillings. After washing, you can get them fully rinsed and dried. It turns out to be new and fluffy if you pat on the feather pillows when they are dry. Ideally, you can  wash them once 3 months. 

Thirdly, wash and change your pillow cover. Feather pillows are made from natural duck or goose down and feathers. Large quills could be mixed in the down and feathers and may be protruding. However, down and feathers pillows are thick, covered with well-stitched, and high-quality cotton case, preventing quills from poking through. These protective covers should also be washed regularly to prevent dust, oils, stains and all other things. Of course, you should wash the pillow protetcor more often than the down and feather filling. A month washing would be ideal.

Finnaly, pack them in a great condition. Fully compressing down and feathers pillows and storing them in the vacuum compression bags are bad decision because it would break down and ruin the matrials. Pack the beddings into a large vacuum storage bad would be the ideal way. Put the pillows or duvets to a larger storage bag and fully sealed as normal. Then pat the bag to make sure the beddings is even. Do not remove all air and remian 20-30% of the air in the storage bag. 




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