Adam Mott, Director of Sustainability

“Our hope is that the collective use of the RDS will effectively promote positive animal welfare conditions and traceability in the down supply chain at a much larger scale than we would accomplish alone. We firmly believe that by driving positive chnage across the global supply chain, the RDS will benefit the industry at large.”


The North Face is committed to improving animal welfare and traceability in the goose down and feather supply chain. The North Face in partnership with Textile Exchange created the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit aimed to sustainability in the apparel and textile industry, and Control Union Certifications, and accredited third-party certification body with expertise in agriculture and farm systems. The RDS ensures that our down does noy come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking, provides traveability in our supply chain, and helps validate and track the down used in The North Face products from farm to finished garment. We started using RDS-certified down in our products in Fall 2015 and since Fall 2016 we have only purchased RDS-certificated down. All of our virgin down products are certified to the RDS. 


Key Points in the RDS