BY Evelyn ZHAO
May 15, 2022

Duck and goose feather and down is a renewable natural product valued for its peculiar quality properties. Down and feather materials have been commonly used and promoted as natural stuffing for warm clothing and bedding. Down and feather fiber is natural green protein textile material, which has many excellent properties, such as light, soft, fluffy and good insulation property of heat. A scientific analysis on the morphological structure characterization of the down and feather of duck and goose will be shown in the following part. 

First of all, the morphological structure of the goose down and the duck down is different. Generally, the goose down has bigger size than the duck down, observed by eyes. The goose down has more down fibers than the duck down, and the down fiber is more slender, which can be seen in the following pictures.

Figure 1 Goose Down & Duck Down

Secondly, Figure 2 shows that the quantity and the spacing between nodes of down fiber are different, which is enlarged 400 times. The figure 2  shows the amount and the spacing between goose down nodes and duck down nodes. It is shown that the quantity of duck nodes are more than goose down nodes, and the spacing between duck down nodes is shorter. This is how the inspector in YUBO detects to distinguish goose down and duck down with the help of scanning electron microscope. 

Figure 2 Goose Down Nodes & Duck Down Nodes

In order to see clearly, I draw a picture of them. See the Figure 3.

Figure 3 Goose down fiber & Duck Down Fiber

In conclusion, the down and feather used in bedding and clothing areas can be classified as the washed white/grey goose down and the washed white/grey duck down. Accordingly, down products can be classified as the white/grey goose down products and the white/grey duck down products. The goose down products are more popular with consumers and have the higher price than the duck products, because of the goose down products have better quality. As a kind of natural green protein textile material, many performance of the down and feather fiber are affected by their morphology and structure, and this article helps us have a better understanding of the morphology and structure between goose down and duck down. 


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