What is down AND feather used for?

BY Evelyn ZHAO
May 29, 2022


For many years, people have used duck and geese down and feathers for insulation around the world. From the 1600s, Russians have listed birds down as products to Dutch merchants. In northern Norway, humans also began to farm the eider ducks. Down and feathers are collected during the nestling time. After hatched eggs and young birds left their nest, people started to collect the remained down and feathers. They can gather about 21g of high quality down each nest. Generally, people can collect about 1 kilo of down feathers from 50 to 60 nests. Most of the eiderdown is from Iceland. However, eiderdown contributes a small part of the world’s total down production, around 175,000 tonnes annually.

Down is a fine thermal insulator and padding, especially used for apparels, bedding products, sleeping bags and outdoor gear. It is warm, lightweight, and packable. If well cared for, it retains its loft up to three times longer than do most synthetics. Sometimes, we heard about some big brands suggesting that they have 90% down jackets or 100% comforters. What does this mean?

In the United States, Federal Trade Commission regulations require that any product labeled “100% Down” must contain only down feathers, while products labeled simply “Down” can contain a mixture of fiber and feathers. In addition, products labeled as “Goose Down” must contain at least 90% goose down, 10% goose feathers. When a product label suggests a specific percenatge of down and other plumage (say, “50% down and 50% waterfowl feathers”), there may be only a modest deciation of no more than 5%. This deviation should reflect the unaviodable variations of the manufacturing process,despite the exercise of due care.

AMERICAN USA-2000 Labeling Standards - Down & Feather Products (March 2007)

Furthermore, there is a wide range of standards across the globe. For more detail, please click the following link: 



Down is not just good, and it is extremely good. It is kind of  sustainable and renewable resources, great for insulation. It has lower enviornmental impact on earth than polyesterb fill materials. We can sleep well and always stay warm. It is your earth friendly choice. 






USA-2000 Labeling Standards



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