WHY WE USE down and feather STUFFED PILLOWS?


BY Evelyn ZHAO
May 21, 2022

Over the previous decades, the pillows have changed from down and feather stuffed pillows to a variety of fillings like memory foam, buckwheat and synthetic pillows. However, a feather pillow is also regarded as a standard pillow and people prefer traditional options down and feather pillows with good reason. The pillows filled with down and feathers are natural, durable and extremely soft and comfortable in each position. They can provide appropriate support for the neck, contributing to improving the quality of sleep. 

There are differences and similarities between down pillows and feather pillows. Feather pillows come from the wing and back feathers mainly from the ducks and geese and they have a flat structure and a quill in the middle. This is the biggest difference between them from the point of its shape. As you know, feathers are more supportive than down pillows due to the quill. 

feather, bird feather, down feather-1894773.jpg

Besides, down pillows come from the chest area of the duck and goose. In donw’s appreance, we can clearly see that in the following pictures. It has a fluffier appearance, made of centralized poinits where the soft fibers spread out. Down is known as its fluffiness and thermal qualities and widely used in coats, duvets and more. Therefore, if you want pillows more warm and soft, not that supportive and down pillows are best choices for you. 

down and feather

Furthermore, compared with non-feather pillows, down and feather shows its advantages. In Strachan and Carley’s research, it has been shown that the association between non-feather pillows and severe asthma was causal and it could account for 53% of severe asthma in the studied population. Researchers (Rain et al., 1999) also found that synthetic pillows contain largely levels of pet allergens than feather pillows. The paper published by North-west Lung Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital in Mancester (2000) also confirms this point. They believe that the use of non-feather pillows may be a marker of high exposure to all domestic allergens and the concentrations of all recoverable allergens from feather pillows are lower.



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